I graduated in 1984 from University College London with an Honours Degree in Economics, and pursued a career in finance.

I have always been interested in natural health and after the birth of my two sons in the early 1990s I instinctively felt averse to giving babies and children chemical medication, especially to suppress symptoms each time they arose. For example, I was always advised to give products such as Calpol to the boys as babies, toddlers and youngsters if they had a fever, but it was clear that the fever was an immune response and was an essential part of the recovery process.

This led me to seek another way of treating the children which would concur with a more natural view of health and disease. My younger son was diagnosed with asthma at the age of five and was prescribed the standard asthma medication and inhalers. He had his first asthma attack after a shock during his early days at school, and I felt that there was more to his health story than just coincidence.

Homeopathic medicine takes into account not only the physical symptoms of the illness, but also the mental and emotional state, any concomitant health issues (which may be treated as unrelated in orthodox medicine), and the aetiology or triggers that pre-dated the onset of the ill health.  Medicines prescribed upon homeopathic principles must take the full picture of the individual and their expression of disease into account.  After five months of homeopathic treatment, my son no longer needed to user medication for his asthma and other health issues were simultaneously alleviated.

All my children, who are now 26, 25 and 17 years of age, have been treated homeopathically throughout their lives, and I view this as a tremendous success. It is not that they never become ill; simply that when they are poorly, or under significant stress and strain through events or injury, appropriately and precisely selected homeopathic remedies have supported them in a healthy way, free of unpleasant side effects or consequences of drugs.

When the children were young, I attended workshops to understand more about the principles of homeopathy and how to prescribe at home for common childhood complaints.  In 2004 I embarked upon a four year Degree course in Homeopathy at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in affiliation with the University of Middlesex, where I received a very thorough academic education in homeopathy, together with extensive clinical experience within the Student Clinic setting.

I have been practicing as a Homeopath in Orpington since that time, and derive immense satisfaction from supporting clients wishing to take control of their own health in order to optimise their physical and emotional health and well being.